The Cowbird Collection~Short Tales from Real Life ~ Tale 2 ~ Divine Justice.

Memories of many firm and stern lessons at home flash back often. Simple rules like be kind,be careful,it’s not good to argue,realising much later in life that arguments seldom resolve issues.
My story today, revolves around “the art of giving, about generosity and inculcating kindness.”

There is an unseen supreme power, yet manifest everywhere, who is ” The Real Giver ” and whatever one gives to others always comes back.
This may sound strange or perhaps just a proverb but it is true.

I wish to share a recent incident.
The weather had grown colder and the days shorter. I took out my long summer time closed small bag of socks,wrist and elbow supports and some crepe bandages.An old elbow injury always got me in the winter season and this year winter was forecast to be much more severe than the past two years.I saw that I had more than I would really need so I decided to give one pair to my part time helper maid.Two days later I saw her again without the socks.
“What happened, worn out already?”
“No Baji, my husband, I gave them to him, he goes so early in the cold and”.
“Well, don’t you go out early too? Here I will give you another pair, now don’t give this away to anyone.
Handing her the pair of socks I turned around to pick up the phone which had started to ring as I was handing her the socks.
It was my daughter, packing up to come home for the holidays with the kids, to stay for a few days
“Mom, I found some nice comfortable socks in the Markaz Market and got two pairs for you.They are just the right material and we shall be a bit late. See you soon Insha Allah and I just managed to say” OK Dear”.
This is the promise, if we pay attention. we may be able to understand life and humanity better. May we be guided.
I got the pair of socks back before the second one actually left the house.
and there are more stories for
“Oh Horatio where are you?”

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